The Early Years Foundation Stage will have seven areas of learning divided into three ‘prime’ areas and four ‘specific’ areas.


The 'prime' areas are:

¨ Personal, Social and Emotional Development (PSED)

¨ Communication and Language (CL)

¨ Physical Development (PD)

These three areas reflect the areas used in healthy development reviews by health visitors when children reach two to two and a half years of age.


The 'specific' areas are:

¨ Literacy (L)

¨ Mathematics (M)

¨ Understanding the world (UW)

¨ Expressive arts and design (EAD)

The categories for these specific areas aim to reflect the holistic  nature of young children's learning and the 'subjects' that this learning will eventually slot into in the school curriculum, such as art, music, science, design and technology.