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Parent Governor Forums


Our Parent Governor Forums give parents and carers a relaxed and informal opportunity to meet governors and share views on a regular basis.


'The forum allowed parents from both Key Stages to come together and share experiences, whether with gripes regarding certain issues or with stories of achievement. An atmosphere of togetherness and positivity was generated and will no doubt continue with future meetings.'

Ms S. Scarrott, parent of Year 4 child.



Our latest Parent Forum was held on 6th November 2017 after the results of the summer term survey showed that parents would like the forums to continue.  Those who couldn't attend the meeting also passed on comments to the parent governors for discussion. The main points were as follows:

1. The first parents evening/settling in meeting will be moved to an earlier spot before the October half-term next year. 

2. Parents of EYFS pupils will continue to receive half-termly feedback through the 2Engage software. Parents of Year 5 and 6 pupils now have online access to our assessment and progress tracker, School Pupil Tracker Online, and this will be introduced to all year groups over the coming months.

3. One of the reasons school planners are issued is to give parents and teachers opportunity to communicate as and when necessary.

4. Parents feel that the school is a very good school and they are pleased with the commitment from the staff.

Mrs R. Gill, Mrs R. Gogna, Mrs R. Shahed.



Our first Parent Forum was held on 7th March 2016; thank you to all of those who were able to attend. It was a pleasure to meet some new faces as well as some familiar ones outside of the playground!

The meeting was a good opportunity to listen to what some parents are thinking and we were able to address some questions. Some of these included:

1. The monthly school newsletter will now only be posted on the school website and emailed to parents. Paper copies can be requested from the school office.

2. Permission forms for trips will not be online as confirmed by Miss Taylor’s letter last week.

3. Parents enjoyed the ease of booking Parent’s evening online, however, did struggle with copying the link into a browser. It was recommended that the link be available to click on the school website. This was an excellent suggestion from one of the parents (thank- you!) and will be implemented.

4. Some parents felt the school planners were not being used consistently between their children in different year groups. This was highlighted to the leadership team.

5. Parents would like to have more involvement with their children at school, i.e. workshops. Miss Taylor would also like this and will ensure that, as a minimum, INSPIRE workshops take place in the Autumn term 2016 for Years 1 to 6, and that the EYFS workshops that have taken place this year are repeated.

Mrs R. Gogna, Mrs R. Gill