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Year 4 West Midlands Fire Service

A Firefighter from Handsworth Fire Service visited us today to talk to us about the role of Firefighters and how to keep safe.  Here are some of their comments:


Rohan – If you are in a house fire, you need to get out of the house and leave your electronics because you can replace electronics but you can’t replace yourself.

Miyah – I have learnt that you should always use the back of your hand because if there is a fire in your bedroom and you open the door it can burn the inside of your palm.

Malcolm – I learnt that when you have fire on your clothes, you must not panic because your clothes will burn more so you STOP, DROP and ROLL.

Raihaan – I learnt that when there is a fire near you, crawl on the floor because smoke rises and is hot.


Hashmet said, “If you make a hoax call you can get arrested and get your phone disconnected.”

Shanze said, “You need to follow the fire escape plan which will make sure you stay away from the fire and get out safely.”

Kamae said, “The Fire Brigade don’t just put out fires, they rescue animals, go to car crashes and help with floods.”

Amatullah said, “If there is a fire behind the door, cover the bottom of the door with a pillow to stop the smoke coming into the room, also don’t open the door.”