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P.E. and Sports Premium

Cherry Orchard Primary School shares the Birmingham Strategy for PE and School Sport:

'For all young people in Birmingham to experience outstanding physical education, competition and school sport that will lead to active and healthy lifestyles through lifelong participation.'


What is the Sports Premium?

The Government is continuing to provide funding of £150 million for 2016/17 to provide quality PE and school sport within primary schools.  This is the third year that this funding has been provided.  Each school will receive £8,000 plus an additional £5 per pupil for the next two years - for Cherry Orchard Primary School, this will equate to £9,840 for the current academic year.  

The purpose of this funding is to ensure that sport and PE provision addresses the needs of all pupils, including those who belong to disadvantaged, vulnerable and gifted groups.


How do Cherry Orchard intend on using Sports Premium (SP) money for the year 2016-2017?

At Cherry Orchard Primary School, teachers are responsible for teaching both indoor and outdoor P.E. Our Sports Premium grant will be used to enhance the school’s P.E. and sports provision set out in the school development plan. The school budget will be used to fund the main existing provision. 


* To improve the quality of teaching and learning in P.E. 

* To increase opportunities for children to access extra-curricular activities. 

* To improve the use of facilities. 

* To provide more opportunity for children to have a more active life. 

Each half term we hold our own intra-house games across the key stages. We, at Cherry Orchard, are members of the Handsworth Consortium which enables us to access level 2 and 3 games at a competitive inter-school level. 

At level 2 inter-school competitions, we participate in the following sports: 

* Athletics 

* Cricket 

* Football 

* Golf 

* Mini-Red Tennis 

* Multi-skills 

* Netball 

* Rounders 

Cherry Orchard children have had a lot of success in these sports and due to the high levels of participation that we have continued to maintain, we have won the Handsworth Games trophy the last 3 year consecutively. 

Football and Hockey 

These have been highlighted as areas for development this year. Teachers will be supported by the P.E. Coordinator and a qualified coach to improve the teaching and learning in football. We will also be buying a P.E. package which will support all staff members as it provides resources, lesson plans and guides to aiding progression in all areas of the P.E. curriculum. 

Tennis and Cricket 

These too have been highlighted as areas for development. The P.E. Coordinator has recently been trained in both of these areas and will be delivering training to all members of staff. New P.E. resources and lesson plans have been provided by the Tennis Foundation. 


Gymnastics was a school development focus last year and massive improvements have been made in the teaching and learning. Gymnastics will continue to be a focus where teachers are provided with the support necessary. We will also be searching for ways to include children in competitive gymnastics to widen their experiences. All staff are to receive training in gymnastics to support children in achieving the skills necessary. 


All children in years 3 and 4 attend swimming lessons throughout the year and currently attend Perry Beeches Swimming Baths. Our key aim is to ensure that all children are confident in the water and enjoy taking part in swimming activities. These lessons are supported by workshops in water safety delivered by an external member of the swimming education team who works for Birmingham City Council. Using our SP money will help us to continue to ensure that all staff members are sufficiently trained by the Amateur Swimming Association to deliver high quality swimming lessons. This year we are aiming to increase the amount of children who can swim 25 m unaided. 

Lunchtime Clubs 

Using part of the SP money will allow for Cherry Orchard to hire a specialist in sports and games to help deliver lunchtime activities. As we will have the use of some green space, this will help more children to have more space to be active. 

After School Clubs 

We are currently in the process of allocating more time to after school clubs and will be providing a wider variety of sports. Pupil premium money will also be used to allow certain pupils to attend these clubs.