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School Council


Our School Council has been part of our school for over 15 years and is an integral part of seeking our pupils' voices and opinions.  It begins with a democratic process whereby a pupil from each class chooses to run for School Council.  Prospective councillors are expected to speak to the class about why they are the most suitable to represent the class and answer questions afterwards.  After each candidate has spoken, the class takes part in a private vote, nominating a girl and boy from their class.  The votes are then counted and the members are elected.

School councillors are expected to attend fortnightly meetings where they share the views of their class.  Within the School Council, the principal roles are also elected of Chair, Vice Chair and Secretary.  These form a two tier system and these members are expected to liaise with the headteacher and other members of staff.  

Cherry Orchard's school council takes on mini projects and surveys designed in improving the teaching and learning of the school.  It is a highly prestigious role and is much sought after. Below is an example of how our School Councillors communicated with parents and pupils after completing a road safety survey outside school.