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Eco Council

The Eco Council's mission is to ensure that our school is an environmentally friendly place to learn. The Eco Council is led by children, who have responsibility for identifying environmental issues in and around the school grounds and for creating action plans to tackle these issues.
Cherry Orchard Primary School holds the Eco School Green Flag. We are very proud of this achievement and the hard work and commitment shown by children from across the school, in their efforts towards achieving it.
Members of Eco Council are elected through a democratic process. Every junior class elects a representative. Children who would like to be considered for the role have the opportunity to prepare a speech, explaining what they would bring to the role. Children in each class are then able to vote for their Eco Council member.
The Eco Council meet at least once every half term. However, meetings are often more frequent, especially when members are planning big events.
Examples of projects and events undertaken by the Eco Council include a fancy dress competition to raise funds for the WWF, weekly eco friendly classroom checks, poster competitions and sponsored litter picks.



The eco-warriors have been focussing on five main themes. 

These are: litter, waste, energy, global citizenship and healthy lifestyles. 


This web site has lots of fun games to play relating to important topics, such as energy, water and wildlife. 


Environmental Intelligence Unit (BBC)

In this game you can become an Environmental Intelligence Agent, and complete missions. 


Recycle Zone

Find out how you can become even more environmentally friendly by recycling. 


National Geographic 

This website will give you lots of ideas for how to recycle and reuse your household waste. 


Meet The Greens

This website has lots of games for you to play, all about looking after the planet. 


The Eco Council have devised their own Eco Code which all the pupils in Cherry Orchard follow.