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Sports Crew


Sports Crew was introduced to Cherry Orchard in September 2015 and has grown from strength to strength. Children who are members of Sports Crew have the fabulous opportunity of learning about many different sports: the rules and how to umpire or referee that game. They then have the opportunity both inside and out of school to deliver these games. Sports Crew has also had a fantastic impact on the learning behaviours and attitudes of those involved.

Here is some of the feedback from a year in the life of Sports Crew:

95% of those involved in Sports Crew said they would want to be in Sports Crew the following year.
65% of pupils had never had any form of responsibility in school before.
20% of pupils who are Sports Crew now attend an after school sporting club, where they had never been to a club before.
100% of pupils feel their knowledge of sports has improved.
100% of pupils feel that their confidence in delivering games to their peers has improved.
100% of pupils would recommend other pupils take part in Sports Crew.