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Useful Links for Learning


 Manga High

Want to play games, learn new maths skills or simply test yourself on what you've learnt this week? Don't forget to log on to your Manga High online homework. This is for Years 3 up to 6.

Visit www.mangahigh.com 

If you've lost your log in details. Ask your teacher. It will help you to make progress, support your learning and enjoy your education.


Writing Super Sentences

The best writers use interesting vocabulary and structure their sentences in lots of different ways. Have a look at the examples of sentence types in the PDF below and try writing some of your own, following the examples you see.


Reading and Spelling Word Lists

Click on the appropriate word list below and practise reading and spelling the words. Make sure you spell them correctly in your writing too.


Join your handwriting

Use the video clips on the website below to revise your joins and practise joining your handwriting in the cursive or continuous cursive style.


Please be aware, we do not use the following join formations:

Cursive letters ze join Cursive letters be join Cursive letters bl join Cursive letters br join


Having trouble with your maths?  Want to find out more?  Then try this website: www.mathsisfun.com


Are you in KS1 and want to learn more about your exciting curriculum?  Visit: www.bbc.co.uk/education


Or if you are in KS2 try: www.bbc.co.uk/education/levels/


Do you have any other websites which you think would help other children?  Tell your teacher and we can add them as well!