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Water Safety

Water Safety

Water safety has always been at the top of our agenda in school as we endeavour to keep children safe both inside and outside of school. Children in years 3 and 4 spend both years learning to swim and have been making great progress now that they have more intensive swimming lessons. Miss Clee has been teaching some of the stronger swimmers how to keep safe in water when there is an emergency. Children learnt how to ‘blow up’ their own trousers in order to create buoyancy aids.

All children across school have had an assembly on how to keep safe in or near water whether it is in a swimming pool or open water. Our data has been sent to Birmingham City Council as we join their efforts to make children aware of a wide range of ways to keep safe. The picture shows the submission of this data.


As well as this, years 5 and 6 have had their own Water Safety Workshops delivered by Andrew Stead who is a specialist in swimming education and visits us every year. The children and staff were impressed with all that they learnt from him on his visit and have completed work to show their learning of water safety.