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Growth Mindset


In order to develop effective learning behaviours, pupils at Cherry Orchard are taught how to have a 'Growth Mindset'.  This is all about having a positive attitude to learning, where pupils enjoy challenging themselves and are resilient, self-motivated students who support each other's right to learn. 


Pupils at Cherry Orchard can explain how having a growth mindset helps them to make excellent progress:


"When I had a fixed mindset, I used to give up when I found something difficult.  Now, if something is challenging, I discuss my work with my partner and give myself time to think of ways to find the answer."



"Before I had a growth mindset, I wouldn't tell anyone when I was stuck. Now I know that if I tell someone when I find the work too challenging, I can get the help that I need to improve."



We also use The Learning Pit, which helps to explain how challenging ourselves and making mistakes along the way all contributes to greater understanding and better learning.  Those pupils with a growth mindset will happily jump into the Pit to challenge themselves, and use their excellent learning behaviours to climb back out again!