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At Cherry Orchard Primary School art is taught through a topic approach alongside Design & Technology, History and Geography. Our curriculum is carefully planned to engage and excite all our learners. Our long-term and medium-term plans map out the themes covered each term for each year group. These plans define what we will teach and ensure an appropriate balance and distribution of work across each term.


During the Early Years, young children will be given the opportunity to explore colour, texture, shape and form in two and three dimensions. The children will have access to a wide range of constructions, collage, painting and drawing activities, using appropriate tools and art materials. Children will have daily access to creative equipment and resources both indoors and outdoors. There are regular creative based activities that are teacher lead or involve teacher input in order to develop children’s skills in these areas.


Art and design in KS 1 and 2 is often taught and used within other areas of the curriculum, and to support and enhance the work done within the topics planned. This may be done as a series of linked experiences or as one-off lessons. We plan the activities in art and design so that they build upon the prior learning of the children. There is an increasing challenge for the children as they move through the school. The skills in each scheme are created to enable teachers to change the activities to match the children’s interests and their learning to allow art and design skills to be taught in a meaningful context.


A scheme of work will include a balance of studying and evaluating existing work by other artists, learning or developing a skill and allowing for time to develop imagination and creative study.