Our House System

At our school we are very proud of our 'House' system. We have four houses:

  • Ashley
  • Birchfield
  • Thornhill
  • Woodville

All of the pupils within our school are placed into one of these houses. During lessons, we are awarded house points for displaying excellent learning behaviours or for producing high quality work.  We are also given house points if we show respect and politeness within the school day.  These points then get stamped on our stamp cards and are counted at the end of each term to go towards winning the House trophy for that term.

As well as House Points, Key Stage 2 pupils participate in half termly house competitions. These competitions are set up by the House Captains who try to lead their house to victory.  A winning house earns 100 points and the second place house gets 50 points.  Bonus points can also be earned for house teams who demonstrate our core values.

House Competitions have included the following: quizzes (on topical events), engineering - build the strongest bridge, Easter bonnet making, The Apprentice, dodgeball, benchball, football, rounders, hockey.

There are always four activities for the pupils to choose from.  The outdoor sports activities are based upon our PE for the half term which means that we are competing in Level 1 games activities.

House and Vice Captains

House and Vice Captains are Year 6 pupils who are elected each term.  To become a House of Vice Captain, pupils must submit an application at the start of Year 6 specifying what skills and qualities they have to fulfil the responsibilities of the role.  These applications are then scrutinised by the staff at Cherry Orchard.  Once elected, House and Vice Captains must show commitment to the job and demonstrate excellent learning behaviours.