Our inclusive music curriculum is an essential part of the curriculum at Cherry Orchard as it enables pupils to develop confidence and provides opportunities to express themselves as performers. It is our intent that music is an enjoyable learning experience; pupils are encouraged to participate in a variety of musical experiences including class, solo, and key stage performances.  Pupils are given a range of opportunities to explore and develop their love of music and supporting their understanding by providing them with opportunities to perform in front of an audience, such as our annual talent show, assemblies and concerts (in and out of school). Performances and music assemblies aim to embed the learning happening within the classroom. 

Our teaching focuses on developing the children’s ability to understand rhythm, follow a beat and gain a better understanding of musical notation including how music is composed. This is taught through a variety of ways: singing songs, looking at how music is composed and learning about musical composers/genres. We teach the children to listen to and appreciate different forms of music.

Music also helps children to develop their descriptive language as we often discuss how music can represent different feelings, emotions and narratives.  At Cherry Orchard, we feel that music is essential to the well-being of our pupils. Music has supported some children when expressing their thoughts and feelings, which has allowed them to relax and improve their overall mind-set.