Pupils as leaders

Peer Tutors

Peer Tutoring allows children to help other children with their learning. Peer Tutors motivate, support and engage their tutees. The Peer Tutors take part in a 2-day training programme to prepare them for their role. During their training, they take part in a range of activities to help them understand their responsibilities and to equip them with the skills needed to support other learners. Peer Tutoring brings several benefits: tutors have the opportunity to share their knowledge and skills with others. This builds their confidence and deepens their learning. Tutees enjoy a supportive relationship with a positive role model, which can have a powerful impact on their learning.

This the second year of running the project. Pupils currently in Year 6 supported their peers within class during the academic year 2020-21. This year, 12 to 15 Year 5 and 6 Peer Tutors will be working once a week with a child in Year 2 to support their reading. Miss Newcombe will be running the project and will be working closely with both sets of children to monitor its success and offer additional support if needed.

School Council

Our School Council has been part of our school for over 15 years and is an integral part of seeking our pupils' voices and opinions.  It begins with a democratic process whereby a pupil from each class chooses to run for School Council.  Prospective councillors are expected to speak to the class about why they are the most suitable to represent the class and answer questions afterwards.  After each candidate has spoken, the class takes part in a private vote, nominating two children from their class.  The votes are then counted and the members are elected.

School councillors are expected to attend fortnightly meetings where they share the views of their class.  Within the School Council, the principal roles are also elected of Chair, Vice Chair and Secretary.  These form a two tier system and these members are expected to liaise with the headteacher and other members of staff.

Eco Council

The Eco Council's mission is to ensure that our school is an environmentally friendly place to learn. The Eco Council is led by children, who have responsibility for identifying environmental issues in and around the school grounds and for creating action plans to tackle these issues.

Cherry Orchard Primary School holds the Eco School Green Flag. We are very proud of this achievement and the hard work and commitment shown by children from across the school, in their efforts towards achieving it.

Members of Eco Council are elected through a democratic process. Every junior class elects a representative. Children who would like to be considered for the role have the opportunity to prepare a speech, explaining what they would bring to the role. Children in each class are then able to vote for their Eco Council member.

The Eco Council meet at least once every half term. However, meetings are often more frequent, especially when members are planning big events.

Examples of projects and events undertaken by the Eco Council include a fancy dress competition to raise funds for the WWF, weekly eco friendly classroom checks, poster competitions and sponsored litter picks.

Sports' Crew

Sports Crew was introduced to Cherry Orchard in September 2015 and has grown from strength to strength. Children who are members of Sports Crew have the fabulous opportunity of learning about many different sports: the rules and how to umpire or referee that game. They then have the opportunity both inside and out of school to deliver these games. Sports Crew has also had a fantastic impact on the learning behaviours and attitudes of those involved.

Digital Leaders

Digital Leaders are responsible for promoting Online Safety at Cherry Orchard.  These leaders are currently receiving training to improve their understanding through the Childnet Digital Leaders Programme.