At Cherry Orchard Primary School we believe that school uniform creates an identity for a pupil, allowing them to show pride in their appearance and demonstrate our Core Values of Respect and Equality.  It also gives a pupil a sense of belonging and avoids pupils being judged by their choice of clothing.  Wearing a school uniform can improve learning by reducing distraction, sharpening focus on schoolwork and making the classroom a more serious environment, allowing students to perform better academically.

School Uniform expectations

The governors have set a formal school uniform and we expect children to wear schools colours of bottle green and grey/black.

School clothing is:

  • Bottle green sweatshirt / jumper or cardigan
  • White polo shirt / shirt
  • Grey skirt, grey pinafore, grey trousers
  • Green and white dress / playsuit or grey shorts for summer
  • White, grey or bottle green socks / tights
  • Flat heeled black shoes, without markings or logos.

Physical Education

Indoor P.E.

  • Plain white T-hirt and plain black horts or leggings
  • Plain white, black or grey ocks and black plimsolls.
  • Cherry Orchard trackuit

Outdoor Games

  • Plain white T-hirt and plain black horts or leggings
  • Trainer can be worn for outside PE only
  • Green chool jumper OR
  • Cherry Orchard trackuit

Long hair should be tied back during indoor & outdoor pe/games.

Any pupil who does not bring their P.E. kit to school, or does not bring the correct P.E. kit to school, will be given kit from the school stock for the lesson.


(Rules here also apply on non-uniform days)

Earrings: one pair of discreet earrings may be worn (small plain studs only). Any pupil wearing pierced earrings must be able to remove them for P.E. and replace them themselves.  

Necklaces, chains, rings and bracelets should not be worn, unless worn specifically due to religious obligation.

Bracelets worn for religious obligation: one only please, large enough to be removed for all P.E. lessons.

Hair accessories: bobbles or hair bands should be green, white or black.  No other hair accessories should be worn.

Pupils may wear a wrist watch, but not a smart watch (see ‘Mobile Phones and Wearable Technologies Policy’).