Our School

Vision and values

At Cherry Orchard, the aim for our pupils is that they are confident, healthy individuals, dedicated learners and responsible citizens. Our school is a community where all the children are nurtured to develop a desire for learning and a respect for others, so that they are equipped to succeed.

Our school motto reflects our aims:

We care, We Learn, We Succeed

Our Core Values

We have high expectations of behaviour at Cherry Orchard, and our core values support this ethos and are very important to us. We believe that understanding how to be a good citizen can lead to everyone achieving their full potential. Pupils, parents, staff and governors all contributed to our whole school survey and voted for the values that were most important to them. Our core values are Equality, Respect, Understanding, Courage, Friendship and Honesty.

Honesty is when you always tell the truth.


Courage in learning is challenging yourself and taking risks, like going for extra challenges and leading others.


Friendship is being kind and helpful. Friends look after one another and share life and learning.

Phoebe, Reena, Elayna

Equality is when everyone is equal, for example, no boy is more important than any girl and vice-versa. Everyone needs an equal chance in learning and life.


Respect is when you are kind to others and make them feel comfortable with what you are saying. It means showing manners and greeting each other politely.


Understanding is thinking about why people make different decisions and understanding the reasons behind them. You need to be aware of everyone’s feelings.