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Attendance and Holidays in Term Time


Most children at Cherry Orchard achieve 95% to 100% attendance.  Evidence shows that attendance below 95% will potentially damage your child’s outcomes from school.


90% attendance means your child is missing 4 weeks in the year. 

By the time they leave primary school they will have lost a full year of their education!


80% attendance means your child is missing more than half a term each year.

Over the child’s whole school career they will miss over 2 whole school years!


Attendance is strongly encouraged.  We have class charts, together with a whole school charts displayed on both sites to show children and parents how well they are doing. An Attendance ‘cup’ is awarded on a weekly basis for the class with the best attendance for that week.  We also award stickers and certificates on an individual basis. Attendance is monitored weekly and this information is fed back to the Attendance Committee, consisting of members of the Senior Leadership Team, Governors and the Office Manager, who meet half termly. All attendance issues are followed up.


Holidays in Term Time

All holidays requested in term time will be unauthorised, unless they meet the DFE and Birmingham criteria for exceptional circumstances. The school has the option of fining parents if holidays are taken during school time.