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Pioneer Centre 21-22

Below are the main details of the Year 6 residential trip at the Pioneer Centre:

  • The trip will take place on and between Tuesday 16th November to Friday 19th November 2021. We will leave school on Tuesday morning at 09.30 am and return to school on Friday at 3:30 pm (traffic permitting). If there is a delay in the return time, parents will be notified by text.
  • The Pioneer Centre require a non-refundable deposit of £22.00 per child by Monday 27th September 2021. The cost of the trip will be £172.00 with a further optional £10 spending money. (Places will be secured on receipt of the £22.00 deposit).
  • The final payment will be due by Tuesday 9th November 2021. Just to remind you that payment should be made on ParentPay and you may pay in instalments, if you wish.
  • As the children will be away from school and their parents for the week, a good standard of behaviour is expected. Should your child obtain a place, you will need to sign to agree that if your child's behaviour becomes unacceptable, then you would be prepared to fetch them from the Centre when asked to do so. Before the trip, your child must be demonstrating good behaviour within all lessons.

  • If your child becomes ill during the week, you will be required to collect them from the Pioneer Centre.  Please be aware that this could be at any time, day or night.
  • The trip is educational and the activities reflect this.
  • All food is provided at the Centre and is of a very high standard. Children must not, under any circumstances, take extra food with them for health and safety reasons.  All food allergies and religious observances will be catered for.
  • The children will not have access to a phone, however school will be informed of our safe arrival and an emergency number will be available during the Mobile phones are not allowed on this trip.

  • Personal possessions are not insured by the school on this trip and are the responsibility of the pupil.

Please ensure that you are aware
of the Pioneer Centre booking conditions below:

19th October 2021

4 weeks before our visit

If any places are cancelled after this date you will be required to pay

50% of the cost

2nd November 2021

2 weeks before our visit

If any places are cancelled after this date you will be required to pay

100% of the cost


As indicated above the £22.00 deposit is non-refundable