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School Development Plan 2015-16


Information for Parents


Below is a reminder for parents of the priorities for the school this year.

The School Development Plan is linked to recommendations from external reviews and our own self-evaluation of the practice at Cherry Orchard.


Improve leadership and management from good to outstanding

We will ensure that our targets for improvement are clear and that leaders throughout the school can check if actions are making a difference. Through further training and development, our governors will develop their levels of challenge by working more closely with the school, holding school leaders to account.


Ensure that all pupils make at least good progress

The school will continue to do everything it can to ensure that every child makes good progress. Particular attention will be   focused on Key Stage 2 pupils and our poorer readers, as well as ensuring that our more able pupils are sufficiently challenged.  High standards in Literacy and Mathematics will increasingly be evidenced across the curriculum in a range of subjects.


Improve the pupils’ engagement and enjoyment of reading

With the support of parents, we aim to build a community of engaged and thoughtful readers who relish the opportunity to read widely and often, for pleasure as well as research. We will provide opportunities for children to listen to high-quality texts, to read at length and to engage in meaningful discussions about books.  Children will be encouraged to develop and explain preferences, and to extend their vocabulary and their understanding of how authors use vocabulary for effect.


Improve attendance and punctuality to at least good

With the support of staff, governors and parents, and with the introduction of our Pastoral Team, we aim to raise our level of attendance to at least 96.5% so that we are no longer below the national average for attendance. Our learning mentors will help pupils to understand the importance of punctuality so that they develop a skill for life.


Ensure that all pupils develop excellent learning behaviours

The excellent attitudes and learning behaviours of pupils will reflect the school’s strategies to promote high standards and will make a strong contribution to an exceptionally positive learning environment. Children will make higher levels of progress through improved self-awareness and understanding of how to be a successful learner.


Raise the quality of teaching, learning and assessment from good to outstanding

Children will leave Cherry Orchard having experienced a broad and deep curriculum that has given them opportunities to flourish. We want to ensure that all adults within the class understand how to provide outstanding learning opportunities for the children. Training will support teachers in imaginatively structuring learning across the curriculum in order to meet the needs of the learners and embed understanding.  We will develop excellent practice in the use of formative assessment to track progress, inform planning and judge the effectiveness of any interventions.  Parents will know their children’s learning targets.


Raise the effectiveness of the Early Years from good to outstanding

The training and development of staff in the Early Years will further improve outcomes for children. We will ensure that assessment includes all those involved in the child’s learning and development so that every child undertakes highly challenging activities and makes good progress.


Begin our work towards attaining the Leading Parent Partnership Award

We are committed to working effectively with parents and carers as we know that you can have a significant influence on your children’s progress in school. Through this project, we will enhance our partnership with parents to improve outcomes for all our pupils.


Develop more opportunities for pupils to contribute to the effectiveness of the school

Give children more opportunities to take responsibility for aspects of school life and work with staff and other pupils to achieve the best outcomes for all. Pupils will understand the value of the contribution they can make to the school and beyond, and build confidence as individuals.


Help children to lead healthier lifestyles

Throughout the curriculum, pupils will be given opportunities to reflect on how best to keep themselves safe and healthy, both emotionally and physically. They will be able to assess risks, enjoy healthy relationships and make the most of opportunities to exercise and eat a healthy, balanced diet.