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SDP 2015-16 End of Year Report


In the September 2015 newsletter I outlined the development priorities for the school this year, based on recommendations from external reviews and our own self-evaluation. Here is an outline of the progress we made against each target. The quotes in italics are statements made by an outstanding executive headteacher who completed a review of the school with a team of good and outstanding headteachers in June.


Target 1: Improve leadership and management from good to outstanding

‘Leadership members have a clear understanding of their school through self-evaluation processes. This is embedded in a culture committed to excellence.’

‘Resource management is excellent and responsive to the changing context. Resource allocation is aligned to improvement priorities and closely monitored for impact.’

‘Professional learning is well focused on improvement priorities, with effective staff development to review and adapt existing practice.’

‘Trainee and new teachers flourish with inspirational role models and structured support. Aspiration is encouraged and regular opportunities exist to develop leadership.’


Target 2: Ensure that all pupils make at least good progress

‘Attainment and progress of the majority of pupils is very good and above the national data.’

‘The majority of pupils have developed a “love of learning”; pupils make very good progress and aim to achieve their potential.’


Target 3: Improve the pupils’ engagement and enjoyment of reading

This was particularly important in KS2. As a result of our the Accelerated Reading programme and our work with the pupils on extending our new school library this year, more pupils now use the school library and enjoy reading a wider range of authors.  The KS2 SATs results for reading were above the national average and all year groups made accelerated progress in reading; the expected progress is 3 points over the year, but the whole school average in reading this year was 3.7.


Target 4: Improve attendance and punctuality to at least good

Our overall attendance for 2015-16 is 95.7% which is the same as the previous academic year and only satisfactory. In 2014-15, 65 pupils took leave during term time. In 2015-16, 58 pupils took leave during term time. This is a small decrease but represents 12% of the pupil population, and therefore is still a concern. Persistent absence for 2015-16 (pupils who attend school less than 90% of the time) is 8.8%, which is 0.2% below the last national figures published for persistent absence, released in Autumn 2015. The Pastoral Team have actively linked families with the school nurse to address regular absence for illness and provide personalised support.

The Pastoral Team have also had a huge impact on punctuality across the school and incidents of pupils arriving late to school have halved over the last academic year. This is a wonderful result.


Target 5: Ensure that all pupils develop excellent learning behaviours

‘Pupils’ behaviour for learning is outstanding. They show concern for their peers.  This ethos is supported across the team.’

‘Pupils evidenced pride and commitment to their school.’


Target 6: Raise the quality of teaching, learning and assessment from good to outstanding

‘The team provides an excellent curriculum and learning environment which gives all pupils the opportunity to learn and succeed.’

‘The team is innovative and creative in its approach to curriculum development.’

‘Pupils receive high quality assessment and constructive feedback to support their learning from their teachers.’

‘Many pupils are actively involved in leadership roles, particularly in Years 5 and 6, leading their own learning through genuine dialogue and assessment feedback.’

‘All staff use assessment systems to track individual progress, and in collaboration use the data to support all pupils’ learning.’

‘Teaching practice is reviewed and changed regularly in the light of changes.’


Target 7: Raise the effectiveness of the Early Years from good to outstanding

“The teaching and learning in EYFS is very strong.”

‘Phonics is being strongly led within EYFS and KS1. The impact of this is that all pupils made progress in every group observed.’


Target 8: Begin our work towards attaining the Leading Parent Partnership Award

Leadership and teachers are better informed with regards to parent views, through increased parental surveys, Parent Governor Forums and individual pupils’ school planners. Views are responded to in the school newsletter and impact on the school development plan. Our parent governors will work with the leadership team to continue working towards this award next year.


Target 9: Develop more opportunities for pupils to contribute to the effectiveness of the school

By improving their learning behaviours and fundraising to extend our school library, the pupils have greatly contributed to the effectiveness of the school. The work of the Eco-Council has also resulted in our second Eco Award which will last for three years.


Target 10: Help children to lead healthier lifestyles

Through our PSHE curriculum and our Pastoral Team, pupils are able to reflect on how best to keep themselves safe and healthy. They enjoy two hours of P.E. per week and many take part in extra-curricular sports events and clubs. Next year we will use our Sports Premium Grant to extend the opportunities for sports clubs at lunch times and after school.