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School Development Plan 2016-17


Below is a reminder for parents of the main priorities for the school in 2016-17.

You will also find a list of success criteria by which we will determine how we have performed towards achieving these objectives.


OBJECTIVE 1: Enhance the quality of teaching, learning and assessment so that outcomes for pupils are improved.

  • Develop further opportunities for pupils to work at greater depth in reading, writing and maths across the curriculum.
  • Assessment and action research information is used to plan appropriate teaching and learning strategies.
  • Further develop the foundation curriculum and extra-curricular provision.
  • Continue to embed the school's assessment and feedback policy.
  • Embed the use of School Pupil Tracker Online software to track the progress of pupils.
  • Subject leaders report accurate information on the standards in their curriculum areas.
  • Close the gap in attainment and progress between boys and girls in reading and writing (equalities objective).
  • Improve the progress of SEN Support pupils in writing (equalities objective).


OBJECTIVE 2: The wide-ranging and bespoke approaches to the promotion of SMSC, PSHE and physical well-being enable pupils to thrive.

  • Embed current practices in SMSC and further develop key areas so that pupils' spiritual, moral, social and cultural development equips them to be thoughtful, caring and active citizens in school and wider society.
  • Pupils are given every opportunity to thrive as learners and leaders, and to lead healthy lifestyles.
  • Further develop the curriculum to ensure pupils are taught how to keep themselves safe.
  • Narrow the gap in attendance between SEN and non-SEN pupils (equalities objective).


OBJECTIVE 3: Embed outstanding processes of leadership and professional development at all levels.

  • Continue to ensure that safeguarding is a high priority for all staff and in the leadership and management of the school.
  • Ensure that middle leaders make a positive impact on pupils' learning.
  • Embed current systems for SEN provision across the school to improve outcomes for children with SEN.
  • Continue to develop a system of professional development where all needs are met.
  • Further improve communication with all stakeholders (pupils, parents, staff and governors).